For Such a Time as This

There is no better time than now to be a member of a church, to be part of a faith community.


Because the times in which we live … frankly, they suck.  We live in a time of perpetual crisis — hurricanes, fire, threat of war, mass migration, and political instability. We careen between chaos and insecurity. We are finding it harder and harder to feel optimistic about the future.

I believe that the Church exists for such times as these. The People of God are uniquely equipped to endure, persist, and remain filled with hope, even in times of distress.

This Sunday, we celebrate Back to School/Church Sunday, and I hope you will indeed come back to church, if you have been missing lately. I think you know that being with other people of faith makes you stronger and wiser. If these days and months have been troubling to your soul, then come back to church and follow the way of Jesus with us.

The people of Kessler Park UMC are not escapists; we don’t retreat into our sanctuary in order to hide from the world’s realities. No, we gather to be reminded of the reality of the Kingdom of God, which surrounds us. We come to be reoriented to the truth that God is at work in our world, despite all appearances. And we are challenged to join God in this work — a work that increasingly demands our active participation.

Our schedule of programming this fall is also meant to encourage involvement — not just in the church, but in our world. Here’s what it looks like:

Sunday schedule
9:30 am   Chancel Choir rehearsal
9:45 am   Sunday School for all ages: Beginning this fall, children in the nursery will also be following Sunday School curriculum. Plus we are launching a brand-new adult Sunday School class, led by John Ogren.
11:00 am   Worship
4:00 pm   Methodist Youth Fellowship, Youth Room
4:00 pm   Worship at The Meridian: Weekly half-hour worship with Holy Communion at The Meridian at Kessler Park, 2522 Fort Worth Ave. If you are interested in being a volunteer, contact the church office.
5:00 pm   Pastor’s Bible Study, Conference Room: A freewheeling, loosely-organized conversation about the Scripture text which Wes will be preaching about the following Sunday. Bring your own Bible and lots of questions!
6:00 pm   Fellowship in the Chapel
6:30 pm   Real Life Faith with Rev. Magruder, Chapel: This class will investigate the intersection of faith and community, and take a hard look at the issues which confront us in the light of Scripture, faith tradition, reason, and experience. Topics will change each month: September — Islam; October — Immigration; November — Race and Religion; December — Israel and Palestine.

Wednesday schedule
5:00 pm   Children’s Choir rehearsal
5:45 pm   Dinner served, Fellowship Hall: If you or your group would like to prepare dinner as a fundraiser, please contact the church office.
6:30 pm   Kids of Character
                 Youth Time, Youth Room
                 Lay Christian Pastoral Care Giving, Fellowship Hall: New class led by Mike Smith and Ken Kelley on pastoral caregiving for the layperson, defined as “the mutual concern of Christians for each other and for those persons in the world for whom God loves.”
                 Social Justice Team, Chapel: New class led by Susan Baxley and Rev. Wes Magruder, which will lead to the formation of a Social Justice team at the church. Learn the difference between mercy and advocacy as we address injustice and inequality.
                  Kessler Ringers rehearsal, Sanctuary