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How to Kickstart KPUMC

For over 90 years, KPUMC has given HOPE to the people of North Oak Cliff by preaching and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. But our best days are still ahead!
We have the opportunity now to be a catalyst for true, creative change in our community, and therefore are planning for a 10% increase in our overall budget, from $546,000 in 2016 to $600,000. The 2017 budget proposes to give HOPE in six distinct ways.

PERSONNEL                                           $314,000 (2016 budget: $292,500)
The most important thing your gifts support are salaries for the members of our staff, who pour their hearts and souls into the work of caring for church members. In 2017, we HOPE to create a new part-time staff position for an Associate Pastor of Congregational Care, who will be tasked with giving HOPE to our homebound and elderly members.

FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT                $173,000 (2016 budget: $164,500)
Our building and property is a visible sign of HOPE in the Kessler Park neighborhood. Since it is a valuable asset, we must lovingly and actively keep it up. This line item includes all costs related to maintenance, repair, ongoing utility costs, as well as office equipment and supplies. We foresee only a small increase in costs related to these     items in the coming year.

DENOMINATIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES$50,000 (2016 budget: $47,500)
As part of the global United Methodist Church, we pay monthly apportionments which are determined relative to our church size, budget, and missions. These expenses support United Methodist missions which give HOPE to people around the world.

PROGRAMS                                             $28,000 (2016 budget: $14,700)
The programs of the church are the most direct way in which we spread HOPE; our children, youth, adult education, and music ministries are supported by these funds. We would like to expand our programs budget in order to expand these ministries, as well as be able to have guest musicians participate in worship for special services.

DEBT SERVICE                                         $25,000 (2016 budget: $22,800)
Over the years, KPUMC has been able to keep its debt load quite low, which increases our capacity to give HOPE in bold and creative ways. Our remaining debt is mostly related to projects completed in 2015, including the new sign and the renovated Fellowship Hall.

PERMANENT ENDOWMENT FUND          $10,000 (2016 budget: $0)
The Board of Trustees has recommended the church set aside an amount of money each year to seed the newly-formed Permanent Endowment Fund, which was established to give HOPE through capital improvements, social outreach, and other church programs.

TOTAL KPUMC BUDGET                          $600,000 (2016 budget: $546,000)
This is an ambitious budget, but that just means it will take a healthy dose of HOPE to reach it. And that’s what our Christian faith is all about.






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  • For $100/month or more:

    Website Acknowledgement

    For your gift of $100/month or more, you will be acknowledged on the ministry's website and social media site. And Wes promises to follow you on Twitter.

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  • For $250/month or more:

    Rose Window Keepsake

    For your gift of $250/month or more, you will receive a keepsake ornament featuring the prized KPUMC rose stained glass window. Perfect conversation starter for awkward family dinners.

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  • For $500/month or more:

    KPUMC T-shirt

    For your gift of $500/month or more, you will receive a leftover KPUMC t-shirt, which the youth are still trying to get rid of!

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  • For $1,000/month or more:

    Autographed Copy of Advent Book

    For your gift of $1,000/month or more, you will receive a free, autographed copy of Pastor Wes' new Advent 2017 devotional.

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