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About this project
Kessler Park United Methodist Church is a 92-year old institution in the heart of north Oak Cliff. The church has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully, while making disciples and sharing goodwill in the neighborhood.

But KPUMC has big dreams — we want to be a catalyst for creative change in our community. Our goal is to spread God’s shalom to every corner of our city. Help us do that by kickstarting our programs and ministries in 2018!

PERSONNEL                           $330,000

The most important thing your giving supports is the wonderful KPUMC staff. Each one of our staff members is a skilled, talented, and caring individual. Well, most of them are! ;) Our newest addition is Eva Englert-Jessen, our Youth Minister. Eva is a recent graduate of Boston University School of Theology, and loves organic gardening. She’s also a third-generation female United Methodist clergyperson!


The building and property of KPUMC is a blessing to the Kessler Park neighborhood. Our Board of Trustees work year-round to ensure that it is maintained, repaired, and functioning properly. They also try to keep the pastor’s hands off the steering wheel of the church van. This year, we’re boosting our budget to make needed HVAC repairs, as well as to accommodate rising insurance costs.

APPORTIONMENTS                $55,000

Apportionments are the monthly payments we make to the global United Methodist Church. You can think of them as a kind of “franchise fee.” Or you can think of them as a way in which we support missions around the world, thanks to the United Methodist connection.

PROGRAMS                            $28,000

The biggest boost in our budget this year will be in our programming. Each department has been challenged to identify ways to “kickstart” their ministry. For example, Erin Klein is planning to up-grade our ministry to pre-K and nursery-age children, Jonathan Palant wants to expand our selection of social justice-minded music, and Pastor Wes would like the church to partner with Faith in Texas, a growing community-organizing, interfaith group.

DEBT SERVICE                      $20,000

Over the years, KPUMC has been able to keep its debt load quite low. Our remaining debt is mostly related to projects completed in 2015. We’re going to do our best to pay off our debt completely before engaging in any other significant capital campaign.


Last year, the Board of Trustees formed a new Permanent Endowment Fund, and has asked the church to make a significant contribution every year as part of its budget. Of course, you can make your own personal contributions to the PEF anytime you like. In fact, have you given much thought to estate planning?


Yes, we have set an ambitious goal for 2018. But that’s because our God asks ambitious things of us. And we can do it! Help us Kickstart KPUMC, and make a pledge for 2018.







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Select a Backer Reward

  • For $100/month or more:

    Website Acknowledgement

    For your gift of $100/month or more, you will be acknowledged on the ministry's website and social media site. And Wes promises to follow you on Twitter.

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    Unlimited availability


  • For $250/month or more:

    Rose Window Keepsake

    For your gift of $250/month or more, you will receive a keepsake ornament featuring the prized KPUMC rose stained glass window. Perfect conversation starter for awkward family dinners.

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    50 available

  • For $500/month or more:

    KPUMC T-shirt

    For your gift of $500/month or more, you will receive a leftover KPUMC t-shirt, which the youth are still trying to get rid of!

    10 backers

    Unknown quantity available; haven’t looked under youth couches yet

  • For $1,000/month or more:

    Autographed Copy of Advent Book

    For your gift of $1,000/month or more, you will receive a free, autographed copy of Pastor Wes' new Advent 2017 devotional.

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    Unlimited availability

  • For $2,500/month or more:

    Private Lunch with the Pastor

    For your gift of $2,500/month or more, you will have an exquisite, luxurious lunch with the pastor, at the place of the pastor’s own choosing. You will have uninterrupted quality time with the pastor, and may even enjoy an impromptu improvised comedy session. And yes, he’ll pick up the check.
    Unlimited availability

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