Fall 2017 Schedule

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Sunday Schedule

9:30 am
Chancel Choir Rehearsal

9:45 am
Sunday School for all ages

11:00 am

4:00 pm
Teens of Truth, Youth Room

4:00 pm
Worship at The Meridian, 2522 Ft. Worth Ave.

5:00 pm
Pastor's Bible Study, Conference Room

6:00 pm
Fellowship in the Chapel

6:30 pm
Real Life Faith with Rev. Magruder, Chapel
New class on contemporary issues, viewed through the lens of theology and faith.
September - Islam
October - Immigration
November - Race & Religion

December - Israel & Palestine


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Wednesday Schedule

5:00 pm
Joyful Noise Children's Choir Rehearsal, Room 202
Resumes Sept. 20

5:45 pm
Dinner, Fellowship Hall

6:30 pm
Classes for all ages

Kids of Character, Apostles' Playhouse
Teens of Truth, Youth Room
Lay Christian Pastoral Care Giving, Fellowship Hall
Social Justice Team, Chapel
Kessler Ringers Rehearsal, Sanctuary

If you are in need of a nursery for your child or baby, please call the church office.


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Dates to Remember

Sept 17

Pride Parade

Sept 24
All-Church Council meeting & potluck
after morning worship

Oct 8
Family Movie Night, Fellowship Hall

Nov 5
All Saints Day

Dec 2
Alternative Christmas Gifts Fair

Dec 17
Christmas Concert