Wednesday Nights are Church Night again at KPUMC

4:15 pm   Children's Choir Rehearsals, Room 202

6:00 pm   Church Dinner, Fellowship Hall
$8 for adult meals
$4 for children's/half meals
Vegetarian options usually available

6:30 pm    Handbell Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary

6:30 pm
Kids of Character, Room 206
Project Serve/Youth Band Rehearsal, Youth Room

Adults are welcome to participate in one of three different experiences:
GriefShare, Conference Room
    GriefShare is for people grieving the death of a family member or friend. Every week,
Jenni Jennings will share a video, and lead a discussion guided by scripture and reflection.
How to Believe Like a United Methodist, Chapel

     Rev. Wes Magruder will lead a 3-week class on the foundational doctrines of our church.
Consider this a short-course in Methodist theology!

Game Night, Fellowship Hall
        If neither of the classes sound appealing, you’re welcome to stick around and drink coffee,
play games, and have some light-hearted fun.

We will meet from February 8 - May 10, except for March 15 and April 12.
Dinner will be served on Ash Wednesday, March 1, followed by an Ash Wednesday service.
No classes will be held that evening.

To purchase your dinner for any of these weeks, click HERE.

For more information about Wednesday Night Live, contact Yvonne Boyack at