Wesley-Rankin Community Center is located in West Dallas and supported by the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. They hold adult classes during the day and after-school activities for students from elementary through high school. They are often in need of school supplies and assistance with school uniforms. Several KPUMC members go weekly to tutor and/or offer spiritual instruction. Our youth have also volunteered at Wesley-Rankin.

For more information, contact Colleen Kelley at colleen.kelley1978@gmail.com.


Sunday, May 7, Communion Rail Offering

Sunday, May 7, the communion rail offering will benefit the Wesley-Rankin Community Center's summer program. You may make a financial contribution at the communion rail, or you may mail in a check made out to the church with the note on your check “for Wesley-Rankin.”  If you love to shop for school supplies, you may bring some item from the list below to a collection spot near the communion rail.  We need all contributions in time to fulfill the supply list by the end of May.

Whatever you choose to do, Wesley-Rankin says thank you for your continued support of them and the children they serve!

Wesley-Rankin Summer Camp Supplies 2017

Colored pencils: 11 packs

Construction paper 9x12 (black): 300 pages

Construction paper 9x12 (red):  150 pages

Construction paper 9x12 (packages of multicolors): 60

Elmer’s Glue (1 gallon): 2

Graph paper (packs of 40): 2 packs or 80 pages

Paintbrushes (for painting on paper) of different sizes: 100

Manilla Paper (Packs of 500): 5 packs

Sharpies/black permanent markers: 15

White craft/acrylic paint: 1 pint

Watercolor sets: 50

Pony beads:  a package of at least 125

1 set of bean bags for games

Aerosol cans -- example: hair spray will work just fine!
(we are making clouds in a jar and that lesson uses hairspray!): 3

Balloons of any color (72 ct. packages): 10

Single Hole Punchers: 6

Duct Tape (any color): 20 rolls