Trans Welcome Here


Every once in a while, it becomes imperative to say what ought to be obvious. Sometimes you have to state the basics, read the fine print out loud, articulate the absolutes.

This week is one of those times. Let me say it boldly then::

Trans people are not burdens; they are not a drain on the body politic. Trans people contribute to the good of this country, whether in public or private service.

Trans people are not suffering from “gender confusion,” oppressed by a “liberal agenda.” Trans people know who they are, and may be liberal or conservative.

Trans people are not political footballs to be punted around for a few votes here or there. Trans people are real human beings. Everyone should get to know a few.

Trans people are not possessed by demons who cunningly deceive them. Trans people are often people of faith with an abiding sense of the divine.

Trans people are not trying to prey on young children by sneaking into the wrong bathroom. Trans people merely want to use the bathroom.

Trans people are beloved children of God.

Trans people are deserving of dignity and respect.

Trans people need companions on the faith journey, too.

Trans people seek forgiveness, acceptance, salvation, and sanctification.

Trans people want to be welcomed in church, not criticized, judged, or berated.

Kessler Park UMC is a place where trans people are warmly welcomed. We are an inclusive and diverse congregation, open to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.

That’s what we believe. Seems pretty simple to us. 

If your church tries to tell you differently, then maybe you ought to find a different church.