by Rev. Eric Folkerth

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I hope you enjoyed our “Desert Island Scriptures” sermon series these past few months. As I look back at these first months, I must say how much I have thoroughly enjoyed these first months at Kessler Park and in North Oak Cliff. I am as thrilled today as I was on the day I learned I was coming to the church. Everyday, it’s an honor to be your pastor.

It’s been such a blessing to have lunches and coffees with many members and community leaders, to visit hospitals, and to share evenings in member homes in our “Get To Know You” sessions.

As a reminder: There are still a few “Get To Know You” sessions scheduled. Head to the website to sign-up if you wish.

This Sunday, however, we turn the page to a new, short series in September: “WELCOME.”

Each Sunday, our scripture lesson and sermon will unpack the issue of welcome in new ways. We will be “rolling out” new ideas related to welcome during this month too.

I’ll share one now: Name tags for our members.

Congregational Care Committee, and our staff, have been working to get this ready for us.


Here’s the dirty little secret I’m learning in the “Get To Know You” sessions…while some of you know lots of folks, almost nobody knows everybody. This will not only be gift for our newer members, it will also be a gift for long-term members who know the faces of many, but sometimes not the names.

Also on Sunday, we’ll be rolling out a new and creative way for first-time visitors to sign in. It’s a text-based system that allows them to sign in via the cell phone. They can still sign in by hand if they want, and not everybody is “text-savvy.” But for those who want to use this method, it’s simple, easy, and helpful. Look for that too.

By the time you read these words, I’ll be on a bus to the Texas-Mexico border for a short three-day trip. More than 80 pastors from all over Texas —including a significant number from Dallas— will be joining “Texas Impact” for prayer, preaching, and public engagement. Please pray for a safe trip for us all. I plan to share about the trip at the Prism Sunday School Class this Sunday (9:45 am in Room 18). All are welcome.

See you Sunday,