Our Mission Field

by Rev. Eric Folkerth


We considered this picture on Sunday, but here it is again for you to take a look at. Many in our congregation have been captivated by the idea of drawing a circle around our church 1.5 miles, and of considering that to be our primary mission field.

As you can see, it’s a remarkable area of Dallas. It extends from the bustling heart of downtown, and yet also the quiet neighborhoods around our building. It takes in areas that encompass older established families, and young single adults. It includes people of many different races, economic circumstances, and languages.

We’ve been talking about just how diverse our mission field is, but it’s quite impressive to actually visualize in a picture, isn’t it?

We’re going to post this picture up around the church for the next few weeks. The goal will be to encourage us all to be in prayer and contemplation about how we reach and serve this incredibly diverse mission field, to remind ourselves of the incredible opportunities we have in North Oak Cliff.

Several questions for you as you meditate on this picture. Think about all the people who live in our area, and ask yourself:

How shall we, with servant’s hearts and Christ’s love, reach out to this incredible diversity?

How can we listen to them, rather than insist they listen to us?

How can we serve them, rather than insist that they serve our ideas?

How can we embrace and be ready to be changed by their presence, in ways that will give us new life and new hope?

We are already doing many things very well. But we must continue to be visitor-focused, and, as we said last week, to do that with *intention.*

Please pray for our Church and its future. And pray for all the beautiful souls in our mission field. God has well-placed us for just this time. And after considering our mission field, very soon we will turn to conversations about just what it is that God is calling us to do.

Grace and Peace,